This young Artist will do more than just blow you away with his moves like Michael, the voice of an angel, and the soul of a Prince. His sound is filled with tones and melodies that will leave you speechless and singing along all at the same time. His inspirations include James Brown, Selena, Prince, Michael Jackson, and Diana Ross to name a few. This Nashville native is also a guitar playing singer/songwriter in the spirit of “Music City“ and has played both internationally as well as through out the United States. 

As of late, Albanus has released three courageous visuals that will leave you curious for the next project. LTB, Lotus, and Best Of You are available on all music platforms with visuals available via VEVO. Albanus is currently hard at work on his highly anticipated debut EP and is planning to continue to give us the distinct and enchanting sound that they are all calling a "new wave."   


Albanus is a singer, song writer, guitarist, dancer, choreographer, and performer, but what Albanus has that makes him special is the 'it' factor and star power that comes as a result of pure express of soul.


Download Albanus Thierry's one sheet in PDF format here.